Photoshop Considerations for Web Designing-Space and Details

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The space and details are the two prime Photoshop considerations for web designing....

• Managing the space:

The design elements of the web design can be visually separated from each other with the help of the white space.  If the designer effectively uses the white space there is no requirement for using the lines, boxes or other graphics. This turns out to be one of the most critical features of the latest website design trend.  If the designer wants to present the content in an attractive way and want the content to be legible then the white space needs to be managed properly. With the right use of the white space, you can give an elegant feeling to the web design and at the same time make it look clean.
In Photoshop there are grids and guides that help to position the elements with precision. The whole document can be overlaid with the help of the grid. The designer can manually set the guides.  The guidelines should be set early for making the margins and borders invisible. With the help of the guidelines the padding can also be made invisible and for defining the white space.
One can hit Ctrl+R (Win) for creating a guide.

If the designer wants the ruler to be enabled the designer has to hit Cmd+R (Mac)

The guideline can be moved with the help of Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl(Win).  The guides can be showed or hid with the help of Cmd+; (Mac) or Ctrl+; (Win). The grid can be showed or hid with the help of Cmd+’; (Mac) or Ctrl+’; (Win).

The Smart Guide can be enabled through View > Show > Smart Guides.  When the designer aligns a text, draws a shape, creates a slide or selection the Smart Guides tends to appear automatically. In case of these elements, there is no need for the designer to set up the guidelines in advance.

The use of grids and guides to align the objects makes the design not only attractive but also easy to understand.
• Details of the Elements of Web Design:

If the designer wants to create a modern and clean design then the gradient layer and the gradient tool play a crucial role. In the modern style of web designing the gradients are found to be present from the highlights and shadows till the buttons and the backgrounds.  If the designer wants the gradient tool to be accessed then Shift+G has to be hit.
If the gradient has to be created, the designer should click on the canvas, drag and finally release it.  For big areas like lights, backgrounds, and radial shadows the gradient is one of the best tools.

If the surface texture or style is to be established for individual elements like buttons, sections, or icons, the gradient overlay layer effect has proved to be a very efficient tool.  If the designer wants to access this tool then the designer needs to just double click the element and select the checkbox with “Gradient Overlay.”

If the navigation bars and the buttons want to be given a fine dimension or the texture and style wants to be mimicked the Gradient Overlay layer effect is very helpful.

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